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Ernie Reyes Sr. Dynamic Demos Series Titles- [189166D]

This series is packed with practical steps and insight based on thirty years of demo team leadership. Three volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Dynamic Kids Demo Team Master Reyes shares basic steps that are key to developing a

Marcel Jones Rock Solid: Tricking- [189442D]

Vol. 1
Marcel gives you comprehensive and detailed instruction on his legendary tricking style. This volume includes training on the 540, cheat 720, cheat 900, aerial, butterfly, double leg, and suicide swipe. Marcel also include variat

Rock Solid Traditional Competition Form with Jarrett Leiker- [189329D]

Jarrett Leiker is a 16-time professional world champion. He holds world titles in point sparring, traditional weapons, creative weapons, musical weapons, and traditional forms. In this Competition Form DVD Leiker will show you the basic steps of a tra

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