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BOB® XL Workout Program- [189147D]

Dave Kovar along with his brother Tim own and operate four highly successful schools in Sacramento, California. They are also columnist for MASuccess Magazine. The Kovar's are often given credit for being one of the best instructing teams in

Ernie Reyes Sr. Dynamic Demos Series Titles- [189166D]

This series is packed with practical steps and insight based on thirty years of demo team leadership. Three volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Dynamic Kids Demo Team Master Reyes shares basic steps that are key to developing a

Shuai Jiao Series Titles- [CHEMAD]

VOlume 1-Training Methods Volume 1: This first training video includes warm-up and conditioning exercises, methods of falling, as well as training postures and stances.#CHEMAD-001 Approx. 48min
Volume 2-Training Methods Volume 2:

Wavemaster® Extreme Core Workout with Beth Morrison- [189110D]

In Wavemaster® Extreme Core Workout, Beth Morrison introduces you to a new world of cardio workouts. The DVDs will leave you leaner and inspired to come back for more. Join Beth as she leads you through a series of boxing combinations, drills and ligh

Wavemaster® Workout DVD with Beth Morrison- [189495D]

Follow along with personal trainer Beth Morrison as she shows you the best way to utilize the Century® Wavemaster in order to get a great workout and maximum benefits.

Volume 1: Beginner

Volume 2: Advanced

Wrestling into MMA with Marc Fiore- [189515D]

Marc Fiore's professional coaching career highlights include coaching the US Army's World Class Athlete Program, winning numerous National Championships; the 2000 Army US Olympic Trials team; US Olympic wrestling coaching staff in 2000, and coaching

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