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Advanced Eskrima with Thomas Sipin- [SIPIN4D]

Grandmaster Thomas Sipin takes you through the rarely taught, but extremely practical methods of using a stick to grapple at a close range.

Volume 1: Stick Grappling and 2-Hand Techniques

Baliki & Insanto Filipino Weapons Training- [189252D]

Kali Knife Fighting

  • Includes the Lameco system, eight strips (disarms) from the knife being held in the fencing grip and reverse grip disarms from both the Lameco system and the Inosanto/Lacosta systems
    Approx. 50 min
    Volume 1:
  • $19.99
    Basic Single Stick Eskrima - [SIPIND]

    Volume 1: Instructor Thomas Sipin and his son Kelii, a fourth degree Doce Pares Eskrima black belt, will show you the basic techniques for single stick eskrima. These techniques include gripping, multiple strikes, and the classifications of strike

    Intermediate Knife Disarming - [189108D]

    Together, Sensei Alonzo D. Cheatham and his son, Sensei Alonzo T. Cheatham will demonstrate to you how to effectively take your attacker to the ground, disarm them from their knife, all while keeping yourself out of harm's way. APPROX 54 min

    Joshua Quartin Championship Sword- [189154D]
    Vol:1 Beginner Sword-Through warm-ups, figure 8, hand rolls and stances, you will learn basic sword techniques that will improve your speed, flexibility and sword cuts. Quartin will also teach basic cut drills using downside up and hand rolls to h
    Ross Levine Rock Solid: Bo Competition- [189446D]

    Ross Levine is a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo. He has been studying Taekwondo for over 12 years and has been training with a bo staff for 8 years. Ross is the only martial artist to win a double Warrior Cup Championship in one year for weapons

    Steve Demasco: Shaolin Weapons Series Titles - [DEMASD]

    Grandmaster of the Shaolin Kempo System and certified by the Shaolin Temple, he is a 10th degree Black Belt and has trained, and continues to train with the Shaolin Warrior Monks of China, where he is the personal disciple of the infamous Shaolin Tem

    Thomas Sipin: Defend, Control, Apprehend- [SIPIN2D]

    Thomas Sipin is a 27-year police veteran (ret.) hired to do instructor training in edged weapons by the USMC and integrated force training for Homeland Security.

    Volume 1: Defensive Alternatives – Establishing Control and Escort Procedures.

    Thomas Sipin: Hardened Target Self Defense- [SIPIN1D]

    Filipino Martial Arts, edged weapons tactics adopted by USMC instructors and firearms training are all part of the curriculum.

    Volume 1: Emergency Tools – Personal Weapons

    Volume 2: Ground Tactics and Impact Weapons

    Volume 3

    Thomas Sipin: Introducing A Padded Stick Program To Your School- [SIPIN5D]

    Grand Master Thomas Sipin guides you through an exciting padded stick training program in this DVD. The DVD demonstrates basic attacks, blocks, and counters that can be easily and quickly learned.

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