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Hakama Pants- [032]

•Ideal for use in kendo, aikido, iaido, and some styles of jiu-jitsu
•Traditional style Hakama worn by the Samurai to hide and cover legs
•The Koshiato in back attaches and ties for a custom fit at the waist
•Constructed of easy-care polyeste

Kendo Armor- [144]

•Kendo Armor for modern art and sport of Japanese fencing emphasizing etiquette and honor
•Features Kote (gloves), head guard, chest shield, and a skirt that covers the abdomen
•Also includes dark blue armor face shield with red accents and a dr

Kung Fu Pant- [0351]

•Pants feature an elastic waist with drawstring, gusseted crotch and ribbed ankles
•7.25 oz. cotton/polyester fabric for exceptional comfort

Kung Fu Top- [0251]

•Features rollback cuffs, frog buttons, a mandarin collar and side vents
•7.25 oz. cotton/polyester fabric for exceptional comfort

Ninja Uniform - [0471]

•High quality traditional style Ninja Uniform
•Drawstring pants with additional tiers at knees and ankles
•Jacket features gauntlets on the sleeves to cover the hands and forearms
•Head piece comes in two parts- the hood and mask, both with t

Stars and Stripes Jacket- [0214]

•3/4 length sleeves with cross over jacket and side vents for mobility
•8 oz. polyester/cotton twill blend

Stars and Stripes Pants- [0314]

•Polyester/cotton twill blend
•Elastic waistband with drawstring

T7 Team Uniform - [04183]

•Pullover top features a V-neck design with mesh accents on each sleeve and shoulder
•Elastic waist pants with drawstring for a secure fit
•Mesh accents on each sleeve and shoulder and down the side of the pants
•Cotton/polyester blend for ex

Traditional Keikogi- [0221]

•Traditional Keikogi pairs perfectly with Hakama (sold separately)
•¾ sleeves with side vents for increased breathability
•100% cotton with waffle pattern fabric

XMA® 3-Piece Traditional Uniform Set- [XR3TR]

•Traditional crossover jacket with ¾ length sleeves
•10 oz. 100% brushed cotton
•XMA® embroidered logo on the back of both traditional jacket and sleeveless jacket
•3-Piece set includes: Sleeveless Jacket, Traditional Jacket with a built-in M

XMA® Oldskool Uniform- [OLDSKOOL]

•Traditional uniform with a precise blend of style and performance
•3/4 length sleeves
•Drawstring pant with generous gusset
•Striking XMA logos and colors
•Crossover jacket with ¾ sleeves

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