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A Dad's Toolbox for Better Parenting Book- [16758]

Even great dads can use some help. Get these tops from Dave Kovar, a successful martial artist with a passion for parenting. 187 pages. Paperback.

I Am A Martial Artist Book- [16595]

A collection of Master Eden's most popular columns. This often humorous and heartfelt book was written as an inspirational piece for martial arts instructors and for those in training. It offers athletes a practical view of the arts, while advising p

Kid Kick® Coloring and Activity Book- [16056]

This 16-page coloring and activity book shows young students the benefits of martial arts and what martial arts means to Kid Kick. Paint the pages to help Kid Kick and friends aong their journey. Every page has a paint pallete, just add water. 16 pgs.

Martial Arts Encyclopedia- [160856]

Written by renowned Martial Arts experts John Corcoran and Emil Farkes, this encyclopedia of martial arts covers countless disciplines, history, and biographies of some of the world's most renowned martial artists. Newly revised and updated. By John C

Musashi's Book of Five Rings- [16719]

Interprets Musashi's Five Rings specifically for the martial artist as it was intended. It explains the truths necessary for a full understanding of Musashi's message in depth.
106 pages.

They Call Me Master by Karen Eden- [16596]

"They Call Me Master" is Master Karen Eden’s second collection of heartfelt inspirational stories. Created specifically for martial art masters and those in training. Master Eden shares real life anecdotes and the successes of each common life lesson.

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