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Focusmaster® Floor Stand- [G1001K]

  • Comes in four parts: G1001 Frame, G1001B Floor Kit, G1002A Outriggers, G1002B Outrigger Brackets, 10177B Water Filled Base
  • Water Filled Base:
  • A non-invasive alternative to wall bolts for the Focusmaster Fitness G-1000
  • H
  • $449.99
    Focusmaster® G-1000 Single Station Training System- [G1000]

    The Focusmaster G-1000 is the world’s best training machine for martial arts, boxing, fitness and law enforcement. First of all, it’s built like a tank. Constructed of health club quality steel, the mainframe stands 6’tall and 12” wide and takes up vi

    Focusmaster Centering Bar- [G1008]

    Focusmaster Clapper Target- [G1005]

    The Clapper Target is a beefed up version of the traditional Clapper target used in martial arts schools, however the Focusmaster Clapper target has our exclusive 8 position tumbler, which allows you to get the perfect, locked-in angle everytime.


    Focusmaster Coil Spring Arm- [G1006]

    Everybody needs at least one Coil Spring Arm with their G-1000. It’s incredible! The stiff coil spring action creates endless training possibilities, from trapping, blocking, simultaneous attack and defense drills, to using it for sweeps, high crescen

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