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ActionFlex Kuro-Obi Shoto Knife- [12693]
Tapered knife-like oval handle for accurate grip and feel. Nylon covered, longer lasting foam core. Imported
Master Gary Forbach's Kajukenbo Series Titles- [KAJUDV]

Nine titles to choose from. Available only on DVD.

Vol. 1: Fundamentals Approx. 57 min. #KAJUDV-001
Volume 2: Katas Vol. 1 Approx. 51 min. #KAJUDV-002
Volume 3: Katas Vol. 2 Approx. 60 min. #KAJUDV-003 <

Pencak Silat Series Titles- [SILATD]

Fundamentals #SILATD-001
Self Defense Volume 1 #SILATD-002
Self Defense Volume 2 #SILATD-003
Self Defense Volume 3 #SILATD-004
Ground Fighting #SILATD-005
Sparring #SILATD

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