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Tiger Rock Headgear with Face Shield- [11427ITA]

Shield yourself with this full coverage dipped foam headgear that includes a clear removable face shield. Gear is 7/8" thick and provides wrap-around coverage complete with pressure release for ear and chin coverage. This lighweight gear has a 2" wi

Tiger Rock Powerline Wavemaster™- [101622I]

Vinyl covers twice as much high density foam as the original Wavemaster. Eight height adjustments from 47 inches to 68 inches. Base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation. Weighs approximately 270 lbs when filled.


Tiger Rock Sparring Boot- [1123ITA]

Get total coverage for your foot and ankle. Constructed of 5/8" dipped foam. Includes hook/loop closure on an elastic criss cross strap for a secure fit and above the ankle coverage for additional coverage..

Tiger Rock Sparring Glove- [1153ITA]

The 5/8" dipped foam glove is contoured to fit the hand with hook/loop closure on an elastic strap for a secure fit. Full finger coverage. Imported.

Tiger Rock Sparring Headgear- [11423ITA]

Designed for maximum visibility, the 7/8" dipped foam headgear has a contoured open face design secured with a hook/loop elastic strap. Features pressure release outlets for ears.

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