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Krav Floral Tee- [09627]

•100% cotton T-shirt
•Floral design behind the Krav Maga logo across the front
•Small Krav Maga logo on the back

Krav Maga Body Shield- [145038]

  • Developed to absorb impact from intense attacks
  • Multiple handles for training versatility
  • Thick impact foam for maximum shock absorption
  • Contoured design aids in catching strikes
    Sold individually

  • $139.99
    Krav Maga Boxing Gloves- [145003]

  • Hook-and-loop closure provides a snug fit
  • Breathable mesh palm helps to keep hands cool and dry

    Weights: 12 oz., 16 oz.

  • $44.99
    Krav Maga Hand Wraps- [1450]

  • Great for added coverage during training

  • 180” long with thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure

  • Made of cotton/nylon blend


    Length: 180” L

  • $7.99
    Krav Maga Headgear- [145008]

  • Form-fitting design helps keep headgear in place
  • Lined with Japanese Amara for comfort
  • Oversized hook-and-loop closure keeps headgear stable and secure

    Sizes: S, M, L, XL

  • $59.99
    Krav Maga Left Chest Logo Tee- [09624]

    •Full 100% cotton T-shirt
    •Krav Maga logos on the front left chest and across the back shoulder blades

    Krav Maga Pant- [09954]

    •Full length pants designed for unrestricted movement
    •Elastic waist with internal drawstring offer a secure fit
    •Includes two hip sprockets
    •100% nylon construction

    Krav Maga Punch Mitts- [145012]

  • Great for working self-defense drills
  • Finger channels and a large grip ball provide optimal control
  • High securing hook-and-loop closure keeps mitts secure
    Sold in pairs

    Size: One Size Fits Most

  • $69.99
    Krav Maga Shin/Instep Guards- [145006]

  • Streamlined design perfect for intense training
  • Hugs the leg allowing for a snug and secure fit
  • Two hook-and-loop closures with a nylon foot strap
  • Soft inner lining prevents chafing

    Sizes: S/M, L/XL

  • $79.99
    Krav Maga Short- [09951]

    •Designed to be durable yet unrestricting
    •Rigid waist features an internal drawstring with hook and loop tab closure
    •Side slits enhance mobility and range of motion
    •Hip pocket is perfect for holding a mouthpiece
    •100% nylon construction

    Krav Maga Strike Gloves- [145000]

  • Sectional padding allows for natural hand movement
  • Open palm for hand dexterity
  • Dual locking hook-and-loop wrist wrap for a secure fit

    Sizes: S, M, L

  • $39.99
    Krav Maga Universal- [PMA3D]

    Learn practical strikes, kicks, and combatives that are essential for surviving a violent encounter in this two part Krav Maga series. A great learning tool for those who are interested in honing their self-defense skills.

    Volume 1: Basic <

    Krav Maga Upper Cut Shield- [145381]

  • Reinforced design for intense combat training
  • High density foam absorbs heavy strikes
  • Complete with four vinyl handles and two elastic arm straps
  • Enhanced nylon stitching prevents breakdown
  • Extra durable, 18 oz. vinyl c
  • $119.99
    Krav Maga Vintage Tee- [09623]

    •100% cotton T-shirt
    •'Krav Maga' and 'Hand to Hand Combat' texts surrounding the letters K and M written in Hebrew on the front
    •Small Krav Maga logo on the back

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