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Color  Isshinryu Karate - P14
Color  Five Animal - P57
Color  Fist Dove - P10
Color  Kenpo Karate - P02
Color  American Eagle - P28
Color  Okinawan Karate - P29
Color  TKD Warrior - P43
Color  Tiger/Dragon - P12
Color  Shotokan Rectangle - P36
Color  Karate Letters - P20
Color  Academic Achievement - P08
Color  Tiger - P13
Color  Jump Kick - P17
Color  Shotokan - Round - P34
Color  Yin Yang Dragon - P55
Color  Dragon Deluxe - P07
Color  Yin Yang - P44
Color  Moo Duk Kwan - P24
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Patch sizes vary by style.

Academic Achievement (08-P08) 2-1/4" X 3-1/2"

Kenpo Karate (08-P02) 4" DIA.

Okinawan Karate (08-P29) 3" DIA.

Karate Letters (08-P20) 2" DIA.

TKD Warrior (08-P43) 5" DIA.

Moo Duk Kwan (08-P24) 3-1/2"

Shotokan - Round (08-P34) 4" DIA.

Fist Dove (08-P10) 3-1/3"

Yin Yang (08-P44) 3" DIA.

Tiger/Dragon (08-P12) 4-3/4" X 3-1/4"

Yin Yang Dragon (08-P55) 4-3/4" X 2-3/4"

Tiger (08-P13) 4-1/2" DIA.American Eagle (08-P28) 5" X 5"

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