Contraguerro's Martial Arts

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* CMA is a wonderful experience for children of all ages.  --Soltis family
* Mr. Jeff always instills good morals in all of his students.--Woitas family
* I would recommend CMA to any parent--Zdobinski family
* Mr. Jeff's class has given her self confidence and pride in herself--Cenci family
* Mr. Jeff treats each child as unique ans special, and encourages them to do their personal best in all areas--Zegar
* On days that I know i'm going to Karate, I feel happier and look forward to it--Dan P.,student
* Our time with Mr. Jeff has been well spent--Bowser family
* Jeff teaches discipline, respect and self confidence in a setting that is well organized and fun--Crossey family
* She loves her classes there. She can't wait until it's time to go--Wolfarth family
* Being a student at CMA is a very positive area in our daughters life. Thank you!--Szymanski family
*Every once in a while, you come across someone who makes a difference. Jeff Contraguerro is one such person.--
  DiNinno family
*The life lessons that he shares with the kids are as beneficial as the karate instruction that he provides--Dillon family
* He is phenomenal person and the experience both my brother and I have gained from his teachings will stick with us
   for a lifetime--Megan G.-student
* It is abundantly obvious that Mr. Jeff cares about each of his students and their families--Melchiore family
* Mr. Jeff's commitment to his discipline and students is first class--Kelly family
* CMA has been an excellent influence on our family, and especially on our son Daniel--Katilius family
* We appreciate the reinforcement of what we are teaching as parents--Usher family
* Cma has been very helpful to me and my son--Andrews family
* CMA provides a  family oriented atmosphere where both children and adults can learn to the best of their potential--
   Ivan family
* CMA has provided a venue for my family to participate in a constructive pastime--Ferragonio family
* He's learning how to set goals and work and practice to meet them--Moore family
* The benefits to our children will last a lifetime--Turchick family