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Who we are: 

Jeff Contraguerro has been studying martial arts for more than 40 years. In addition to his school, he has taught seminars to many corporations including: 

  • PPG 
  • Allegheny Health Network
  • Safelite Auto Glass 
  • Westinghouse 
  • H.J. Heinz 
  • University of Pittsburgh 
Daniel Contraguerro has been studying martial arts since 2002. He has transferred from Ohio University to the University of Pittsburgh where he is a Division I wrestler. He has always been a realist when it comes to the martial arts. He is a multi-time champion in submission only grappling tournaments. These tournaments have no time limit. You compete until your opponent submits.
His philosophy is the same when it comes to weapon defenses. He practices numerous hours because he knows that in a weapon
defense situation you are in for the fight of your life. He also spends countless hours studying video of people that were actually caught in an attack with a weapon. This helps him to understand the tendencies of an armed attack and how things really happen in the majority of attacks.
In 2017, as a freshman at Ohio University, Daniel did a presentation on active shooters. There were 460 presenters on all different topics.
His presentation took first place and he won a scholarship.
Many employers are now implementing an Active Shooter program at their workplace. Walmart, the United States number one employer, now has training video for its workers. 
While we applaud these programs and what they are trying to accomplish, the vast majority only have their employees watch a video or listen to a lecture. The employees get very little if any hands on training. 
Contraguerro Martial Arts can take you through the next step! 
We always say if you want to learn how to swim, you must FIRST jump into the water. You can't simply read a book or watch a video. There is no way to simulate the temperature, depth, or current of the water, or holding your breath. This can only be "felt" by getting into the water. All of your senses need to be engaged. 
It is no different with Active Shooter training! In a stressful, life threatening situation, your training must have a "hands on" element. 
Our seminars are small so that participants get numerous repetition and individual attention. 
There are basically two "camps" on weapon defenses being taught universally. One is the technique of disarming. The other "camp" believes in controlling the arm and beating the attacker to control him/her. The problem with the technique of disarming is you must practice to be effective. On the other hand, the challenge with grabbing the arm and beating the person is that if they are bigger than you, you will have trouble over powering them. 

Bridging the gap 
Jeff and his son Daniel have developed a unique weapon defense program that includes active shooter scenario training and close range weapon defense. 
The program concentrates on 3 main areas. 
1. Clear the weapon 
2. Control the weapon 
3. Use leverage 
This will increase your chances of surviving because you won't have to think as much. It is the same defense for any attack. 
Here is what some people who have taken our classes have said. 
"Recently a friend of mine sent me a video of his older son taking a special class Mr. Jeff had offered to the older kids (junior high and senior high students). I watched this video in amazement. A boy walked into a room, through a closed door, with a simulated firearm. The students in the class immediately took this male to the ground, disarming him in the process. On another video, I observed students defending themselves against someone with a knife. This type of instruction isn't something new for Mr. Jeff's students. He has been teaching these techniques for 25 years." 
- Michael Ferguson, Police Officer for 15 years. 
"I received compliments from women who attended the self defense program. They praised Jeff's ability to relate and communicate in a manner which allowed them to easily learn and remember techniques." 
- Alfred W. Weis, Jr., Department Head-Security Heinz USA 
"If you are searching for something that is realistic and hands-on that will give you a fighting chance of survival in a life-threatening situation, a seminar by Contraguerro Martial Arts is a MUST." 
- Fran Ferragonio, Retired Police Officer/School Resource Officer
"Jeff and Daniel Contraguerro are passionate and committed to teaching the importance of being prepared in an active shooter/aggressor situation. Their knowledge and experience made it easy for them to convey their message to the participants in the class. The smaller class size allowed time for plenty of repetition and practice. I walked away feeling confident and prepared to defend myself in an active shooter/aggressor situation." 
- Lori Zimmerman, Elementary School Teacher 
"I have made many investments in training for my staff over the years, but I have never received the positive feedback that I received as a result of Jeff's teachings."
- Brian D. O'Mara, Vice President - National Call Center Operations, Safelite Glass Corporation
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